Thursday, March 8, 2007

About yesterday's post...

I'm not normally so rude to people's questions. I get
lots of questions, and I don't mind. The kid yesterday
just asked the worst possible question he could ask at
that moment! Normally I would have told him that I either
need to find a ramp or an elevator, or someone needs to help

I don't run into this particular kid very often, but every
time I do he asks me tons of questions. "How do you get in
and out of bed?" "How do you drive?" "How do you go to the
bathroom?" He'll touch my legs and ask if I can feel it. He's
just a very curious kid who isn't afraid to ask questions, and
I'm fine with that. He is in 4th grade now and he's been
asking me questions for the past 3 years. Until yesterday,
I've always been polite and answered his questions nicely.
Yesterday when I saw him, I was in the hallway talking to a
friend and he came and leaned against me and interrupted the
conversation I was having with, "Wouldn't it be cool if you
could power this thing (while touching my wheel) by using dog
slobber?" I said, "Yes, that would be neat. There is plenty
of dog slobber around. Maybe that's something that you could
invent?". Then he asked me if I ever thought about getting
robotic legs. I thought to myself that this kid is going to
be absolutely facsinated when I get my iBOT. I thought about
telling him about it, but my daughter beckoned me and so I told
him that I had to go and I said goodbye. Halfway down the hall
he ran up behind me and said, "How do you get up stairs?" Trying
to catch up to my daughter, as well as being sad about not getting
my iBOT soon, I rudely answered over my shoulder, "I don't".

So there is the whole story. I realized this morning that what
I wrote in yesterday's blog probably sounded extremely bitter.


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Shannon said...

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