Thursday, March 22, 2007

Above is a little sumthin' to look at.
Below is a little sumthin' to ponder.

Do crazy cat ladies become crazy because
of all the cats, OR are they already crazy
and that is why they get all the cats? Kind
of like, which came first - the chicken
or the egg, but instead, which came first -
the craziness or the cats?

I live with four cats and I'm kinda thinking
that the cats come first.

I'm starting to think the animal kingdom is
out to get me. I've had this gigantic spider
living above my front door all winter long.
The other day I came home and as I'm reaching
to put my key in the door, it suddenly starts
to drop down. So I sit there and I wait. It
drops all the way to the ground and I'm not
kidding, it started toward me. Now I'm not
an animal killer. I don't even eat or wear
animals. But this spider was scary. And it
was charging me! I had to do something, so
I grabbed the recyling bin sitting there and
I quickly moved it between the spider and I.
The spider got scared and went back up it's
web. I said to my daughter, "Okay, when your
daddy comes over tomorrow night, lets ask him
if he will catch it in a jar and move it some-
where. Somewhere like the park a few blocks
away". The next day, it was GONE! It lived
there all winter long and now it's suddenly
gone. I think it went in a hiding hole and
it's going to pounce on me the next time I
am out there. Luckily I have a back door.
Otherwise I'd be trapped in my house for-

My own dog Trudy is out to get me as well.
I'll save that story for tomorrow.

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