Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I did something yesterday that I should have done a long
time ago. I took off my Lalaland hat and I had a serious
date with my bank statements, credit cards statement, and
my bills and I found out that there is no way in hell that
I can buy an iBOT at this time. Although I've already
been to the bank and I know that I can get a loan, there's
no way I would be able to make the payments on the loan.
Even the 25 year loan would be too much.

I'm feeling pretty stupid. I just wanted an iBOT so badly
that I was completely unrealistic about my ability to purchase

I WILL get one eventually though. I just don't have any idea
when. I've got lots of money raising ideas spinning in my head.
I'm currently working on getting them sorted out.


h. said...

Oh... I am so sorry. What a difficult setback...

I hope that you will continue with the blog! This isn't "The End" and, as I understood things, the purpose of this blog was to chronicle your journey toward an ibot, so I hope we can continue to follow you through your posts.

Will you still allow the insurance company to run its course? It would be interesting to learn if they will contribute anything to the cause.

Let us know when the art shows begin! You have wonderful art, and it is a natural foundation for fundraising. With the weather heading toward spring, I could really visualize a First Thursday or First Friday event... you would just have to find the venue.

Hang in there... this is just another stage in the journey.


Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Thanks h.

Yes, I'll wait to see what the insurance company has to say. I know they won't cover all of it, but hopefully they will cover a portion of it.

I'm feeling very deflated at the moment, but I will continue to add to this blog ocassionally.