Sunday, March 4, 2007

Museums and parties

Hey, guess what?! My iBOT still hasn't been ordered.
This is quite ridiculous if you ask me.

I could have made good use of the iBOT this weekend.
On Friday I was at the Art Museum. Of course the
art is displayed at a level that is comfortable for
a standing adult, not a sitting adult, which is totally
understandable. If I had the iBOT, I would have spent
my time there in Balance Function.

Parties. I'm not a real social person, but I went to
a party Friday night, Saturday afternoon, and I have
another one to go to tonight. Again, Balance Function would
have been (would be) used at these parties so that I
didn't have to look up while in conversation.

I'm hoping tonight is the very last party I will go to
without my iBOT. And I hope the art museum on Friday
is the last museum I go to without my iBOT.

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