Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Attention Irv!

You wrote:

It seems to me more possible that someone might step in to save the iBOT or a version of it. And maybe that French wheelchair we looked at earlier would be better. Maybe Dean Kamen would be interested in rescuing his invention.

I've heard other people say they think someone will take over the marketing of the iBOT, but who? Obviously J&J wasn't making money from it, so why would anyone else take it on? I HOPE someone does take over and make an even better wheelchair, but since the iBOT has proven to be a failure, I don't see that happening. : (

Regrading Dean Kamen... maybe he will rescue his invention. I do know of an iBOT user who is going to be meeting with Mr. Kamen sometime soon, so I'm very anxious to find out what comes out of that.

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Anonymous said...

Shannon - Maybe Kamen could ask the Obama administration, through Daschle and Sanjay Gupta, for part of the stimulus/bailout package to override Medicare limits on funding of iBOTs.