Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Attention Nancy!

You wrote:

I plan on doing the following:

1) Attaching a sign to the back of my iBot that reads something like leaving the home should not be considered a luxury. I will look up the official Medicare wording in order to make the sign and I plan on having handouts with me explaining how Medicare funds wheelchairs. Since home arrest is considered a punishment for a crime, I don't think that having disabled people confined to their homes should be something that our country supports. Our government did not allow negotiations with pharmaceutical companies when they enacted Medicare part D. Why should medical equipment be any different?

2) Writing all of my elected representatives and explaining to them how important the iBot has been to improving my quality of life. I will also point out Medicare/Medicaid's position that wheelchairs should only be funded if a person needs a wheelchair to get around his or her own home. I am not a very good writer. If anyone out there can compose a letter to this effect, I would appreciate it.

3) Sending a letter similar to the one I write to my elected representatives to all of the local media. I don't think that many people are aware of Medicare's stance on funding wheelchairs.

Nancy, have you found out the official Medicare wording on their guidelines for funding wheelchairs? Are you still planning on making a sign for the back of your bot? I think that and handing out info is an excellent idea. You ARE a good writer! Have you composed anything to send to representatives and the media?


Anonymous said...

I sent the following comment in response to a post on the New Mobility website. New Mobility Magazine will be doing an article on the iBOT.


Subject: Article Feedback Notice: iBOT Pulled Off Market
Comments: I guess I am one of the lucky few who has an iBOT. The iBOT has given me an incredible amount of freedom and has greatly improved my quality of life. I cannot think of any other wheelchair that would allow me to leave my house, go down a curb, across my neighbor's gravel driveway, and with her assistance up the stairs to her porch and then into her house. It allows me to take "walks" with my husband, visit with my neighbors, have conversations at eye-level and go out by myself.

I know the iBOT is expensive, but I think it is absolutely criminal that our country will spend billions on a war, but not help our injured soldiers regain some quality-of-life. The Medicare/Medicaid policies that basically place people who are crippled under house-arrest are disgusting.

The iBOT is not perfect and Independence Technology probably made some poor marketing decisions, but it is truly an amazing wheelchair and I hope the technology that went into making the iBOT will survive and wheelchairs like the iBOT will become common.

Anonymous said...

Medicare wording.
You may want to look at the following website:

This is just one of the paragraphs from that site. I do not have the information for Medicaid, but I am sure it is very similar.
"For Medicare to cover a power wheelchair or scooter, your doctor must state that you need it because of your medical condition. Medicare won't cover a power wheelchair or scooter that is only needed and used outside of the home."


Anonymous said...

I have made a sign for the back of my iBOT. It reads "Leaving one's home should not be considered a luxury." At the bottom it says "Medicare/Medicaid only funds equipment needed for use in the home."

I have not attached to sign to the back of my chair. I need to find a plastic sleeve to put it in. I also need it to stop raining.

I am still working on a letter to send to my elected representatives and the general media. Damned MS. I am not nearly as productive as I would like to be.


Anonymous said...

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