Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Curb video

The iBOT can go up and down curbs that are no higher
than 5 inches. Actually, it can handle higher ones,
but IT recommends no higher than 5 inches.

BTW, you can see my new tires in this video. Apparently
a lot of iBOT users complained about the tires wearing out
really fast. These new ones just became available. They
are supposed to last longer, which is good considering
some people were having to replace their tires every
couple months.

I don't really notice any difference in them regarding
performance. They're definitely thicker though.

I didn't attempt to put them on myself. I took them
to the local bike shop and had them do it. It took
the guy probably 45 minutes to take the old ones off
and put the new ones on.


Anonymous said...

johnson & johnson shoud be paying you! youre promoting this thing awesomely!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Thank you! I won't argue with you about that!

Anonymous said...

I am one of the engineers that worked on the iBot. I'm happy to see that it has allowed you to get some of your life back.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Awesome! This chair has been so wonderful for me!

So I'm assuming you work for DEKA? I'd love to know if you are working on improvements.