Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I've
been so busy preparing for a show I have tomorrow.
I'll be showing some of my photography and wowza,
I'm a nervous wreck about it. The mayor and
the governor might even be there. Gulp. I
really don't know if I can do this. I've never
mingled with those kind of people!

The Bot has been good. I found out this morning
that I can reach the top shelf in the frozen
section at the grocery store. This is a good
thing. I had a craving for veggie sausages and
sure enough they were on the top shelf. It was
so nice to not have to ask anyone for help.

Here is, IMO, the best photo I will be showing


stephanie said...

good luck. the photo is gorgeous. i can relate to the store .... we just got back, and i couldn;t reach at least a third of what we bought!

h. said...

Great photo. But where is the show? How is your adoring public supposed to support you if you keep us in the dark?

Don't be nervous. You have the iBOT, and can run over anyone who gets in your way! Isn't that what 4 wheel drive is for?

PacificMod said...

That's such a stunning photograph. It's somehow very emotional.

bcarlile said...

congratulations on the show - looking forward to hearing how it goes - enjoy the attention!