Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Name it

On the way to school this morning my daughter said, "I really think
you should name the iBOT. It's so special and it deserves a name."


P said...

I completely agree with your daughter and look forward to hearing it's name :-)

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I've been thinking about it! I haven't come up with anything though.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think you said somewhere that your iBot is definitely female, so how about Amy (just about the same as the french word for friend - ami/amie)

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

That's funny because my friend Amy is the one who first told me about the iBOT. She's been nearly as excited as I am about the iBOT.

But I think it would be too weird to name the iBOT Amy. I don't think Amy would appreciate it much either!

I'm thinking it needs a non-human name. I've been calling it The Bot. Maybe I should call her MyBot?