Monday, October 8, 2007

I just can't get enough

beach time.

I've been asked what would be the very first thing
I would do if I were given the ability to walk. My
answer has always been that I would go for a walk on
the beach. Getting the iBOT and going for "walks" on
the beach is the most amazing thing.

(My apologies to my readers if you are getting tired of
me going on and on about the beach, but I can't help it!
It brings me so much happiness. Now if I could actually walk
barefoot and feel the sand on my feet, I'd probably fall over

I haven't had the chance to go on the ocean beach yet
because our weekends have been full and the kid has
school during the week. I told my daughter that I
wanted to take her out of school for one day so that we
could go to the ocean. She says she doesn't want to
miss a day of school. What the?! I think I'm just
going to have to force her to play hookie!

She and I went to the river beach yesterday. BTW, the
ocean beach is an hour and half drive from our house
while the river beach is only a 5 minute drive.

This is downtown Portland.

You know, I should probably just get myself a house boat.

Er, wait a minute. I don't have 5 bazillion dollars.

The following photos are from this morning. The little
dog is Gus' friend Annie. This series of photos makes me

La la la, I have a ball and I know you want it.

Bet you can't get it!

Yay, here he comes!

He'll never catch me!

Victory is mine once again!

Wanna do it again?

I could catch you if I wanted to. I just feel like rolling
in the sand.


h. said...

So are you going to the beach this Friday when school is out?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Yes, probably. Thanks to you we will probably get up and head for the beach rather than head for school! LOL!