Thursday, October 4, 2007

Responses to my poll question

As of right now, there are 13 people who answered my poll
question regrading insurance companies paying for the iBOT
or not. 12 said yes, 1 said no. I'd love to hear from
the person who said no. You can leave an anonymous comment!

Yay, the sun just came out. Gotta go!


Eve said...

Well, I just voted yes, but I think the person who voted no believes in what social scientists call "rugged individualism". He or she probably hasn't had to struggle very much with their mobility or finances. As for me, I look at the economics of insurance companies and see that they are making a killing! Lots of money coming in and much, much less paid out. I hope you can get your insurance to help you. Good luck : )

P.S. I have a cousin with cerebral palsy so that's why I always feel compelled to comment on these kinds of matters. I send love to you <3,
Viva la Revolution!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I appreciate that you've shared your thoughts Eve.

My insurance definitely won't help me. They say the iBOT is a luxury. I definitely wouldn't consider the iBOT a luxury. Now that $70,000 shower head that the president of the insurance company has - that's a luxury.

Insurance won't even pay for a regular power wheelchair for me. Which is plain stupid because if I didn't purchase a powerchair myself, they'd be paying for expensive rotator cuff surgery at some point, and also the help I would need while it healed.

Medicare fairly recently decided that they would not pay for any powerchair that has outdoor capabilities. So, um, I guess people in wheelchairs never go outside?

A lot of insurance companies follow what Medicare does. What they cover was bad. Now it's horrible.

It's frustrating. But I know there are no easy answers.