Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Different View                                                                       

I took my daughter to the ice skating
rink today because she was invited to
a friend's party.  The above photograph
was the view I had.  Not bad, but when
I have the iBOT, I'll be in balance mode
and then I'll have a much better view!

Also, I was invited to have pizza at the
friend's house after skating, but it was
just the friend's mom, who has a bad hip,
and two teenage girls who would get me
up the steps.  I decided against it.   

P.S.  This is actually not a good representation
of the view I had.  Most of the time there were
adults standing against that wall watching
their children.  I waited for a clearance to take
the photograph because I didn't think it was
a good idea to take a picture of people's butts.

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