Sunday, December 10, 2006

Words From an iBOT User                                                                                       

Pete in New Hampshire has had his iBOT since last
February.  He gave me his permission to quote him
"I have an iBot. I've had it since February. I love it.
I get the most use of it outdoors in 4wd mode but
indoors I use the balance mode a lot to reach things
and to have the perspective from standing height.
It's definitely an uplifting(no pun intended) experience
to use the balance mode.  My "everyday" chair is a tiLite
ZRa.  As for the price... The support from J&J is
phenomenal!  I mean Stellar!"

(J&J is Johnson & Johnson, the company marketing
the iBOT.)

Thank you Pete!  I'd love to hear from other iBOT users
as well.  

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