Sunday, December 24, 2006

Safety Continued...

I'm feeling really spacey, but here it goes.

When I was a freshman in high school I was
going too fast and cutting a corner, as was
someone else who was going in the opposite
direction.  We collided, my books went
flying, and I started to tip over backward.  
Thanks to bystander Wayne P-something's
quickness, he caught me before my head hit
the floor.  

Ah, who cares?  :D  I have a few other stories,
but they're boring.  The biggest injury about
using a manual wheelchair is the wear and tear
on my shoulders.  Although I will still use my
manual at times after I get the iBOT, I will use
the iBOT for going long distances.  One of the
reasons I like living in the city is that things are
walking distance.  Recently I've had to drive
places to save my shoulders.  With the iBOT,
I'll be able to "walk" to the grocery store and
restaurants and shops, to my daughter's school,
to the park, etc, instead of drive.   This makes
me very happy.  :)


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