Monday, December 25, 2006


Thanks to writing this blog, I have a new 
friend.  Although I have not met this
friend in real life, we've chatted via
email and telphone.  He has the same
injury level as I do, and he is 16 years
post injury.  He got an iBOT last March.  

We don't get snow often here in Portland,
but I was curious to know how well the
iBOT performs in snow.  I asked my new
friend, and he said that he just recently
took it through the snow.  He said the snow
was about 8 inches deep, fluffy and dry, with
concrete under it, and the iBOT had no
problem getting through it.

.......Hmmm, after I have my iBOT I will no
longer have a good excuse to not go outside
when it snows..... thinking..... wait, I spent
the first 21 years of my life in Minnesota
and Wisconsin, so my excuse can be that
I've had my fair share of snow.  Whew.

Seriously though, one of the main reasons
I moved out of MN was to escape the snow.
Although I managed a manual chair in the
snow for many years, it was difficult at times.


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