Friday, December 8, 2006

Cost of the iBOT                                                                                                                       

The current price of the iBOT is $23,900.00.  Seem high?  
It isn't surprising if you are familiar with the cost of other
medical goods.  There are wheelchairs that cost more than
the iBOT, and they don't even climb stairs.

Many wheelchair users would love to have an iBOT.  The
only reason they do not have one is because they cannot
afford one.  I wish every person who wanted an iBOT could
have one.  

Some insurance companies are paying for iBOTs.  Most are not.


David said...

it surprises me that more insurance companies are not paying for this chair. It seems to me that it's potential vocational benefits for paraplegics could be enormous. There are so many professions in which interacting with people at eye level is critical. Teachers, any kind of salesmen, corporate workers in general would all benefit from a chair like this with it's ability to climb stairs, rise up to eye level and cross rough ground.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I agree David. I think that eventually insurance companies will pay for it. I don't think it will be anytime soon though. Stuff like this seems to take forever.

Another thing that I haven't mentioned is that manual wheelchair users eventually have to deal with serious shoulder issues that often require very painful surgery. My shoulders are starting to feel the wear and tear of the 28 years of pushing myself, but I should be fine after I get the iBOT!

stephanie said...


I agree on the shoulder issues. I have been in the chair for almost 2 years now (no where close to your 28 I know) and can already see a power chair somewhere in my future. At 49, I know my shoulders won't hold out forever.