Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Bot Needs a Serious Makeover

Okay, so there is one thing about the iBOT that
drives me crazy. It's hideous! It reminds me
of the very first wheelchair I got 29 years ago.
It was big, ugly, clunky, heavy... very unpleasant
to the eye.

The iBOT comes with two options. One option is
small or large. The other option is cushion or
no cushion. That's it. Usually when a person
purchases a new wheelchair, they at the very
least get to choose a color.

Have a look at the iBOT:

UH-GU-LEE. The back rest is way too high:

Who designed the footrest? Have you ever seen anything

And could they have designed worse looking
caster wheels?

I don't think so.

But here's my favorite. See that grey plastic thingy
at the end of the left armrest?

Hello? Although I have to admit I find myself
grabbing it once in a while, that thing had to
go. I remember the very first time I saw the
chair. One of my first questions was, "Can that
ugly cheap grey plastic thing be taken off?"

I removed it today! Check out how much
better it looks:

I took the headrest off as well, but I can't
get that stupid grab bar off:

I've been told that they are coming out with better
looking casters and footrests next year sometime. I
don't know if I can wait that long. I saw a picture
of a guy with an iBOT and he has some sort of black
material covering it up. He's made some other mods
as well, and his iBOT looks great. I'm going to have
to figure out some things to do to mine.

They really need to design something more
like this:

Yep they do.

She may be ugly, but I still love her.


Anonymous said...

Wow..those Oregon Ibots are Ugly ...I hear the Utah versions look better. It must be the makes them grow or swell in Oregon, I guess :D

Looking forward to seeing what you do to yours, perhaps a low rider..lots of chrome, a few ding- go balls or fringe..what do you think?

Enjoy..and be careful!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Oh, mud flaps! That'd be so cool. :D

stephanie said...


Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Yes, I think slipcovers would definitely help. I still don't like those grey plastic things at the top of the footrest though. Not only are they ugly, but they really get in the way when I make a transfer.