Sunday, September 23, 2007

Video of Balance Function


I'm probably going to regret posting this, LOL!

The sound quality is really bad. Basically what
I was saying is that I've had my iBOT for a few
days now. People are amazed when they see it in
Balance Function. Everybody asks me how it works.
Someone once explained it to me like this:

If you try to balance a ruler on the ends of your
fingers and the ruler starts to fall forward, you
move your arm forward to keep it balanced. If it
starts to fall backward, you move your arm backward
to keep it balanced. The iBOT is kind of the same

If you look closely, you can see that the chair
is constantly in motion even when I do not have
my hand on the joystick. It automatically
responds to my body movements. If I lean
forward it thinks it's tipping over forward
and so it moves forward to stop from tipping

The other thing people always ask me is if I
feel safe. Yes, I do feel safe. My daughter
can try to push me over, but she can't. Also,
even if it couldn't keep itself balanced, it
wouldn't tip over. It would just drop down
into 4-Wheel Drive Function. That would be
quite an uncomfortable bump, but better
than tipping over.

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