Sunday, September 30, 2007

Introducing the Bot to the family

I moved out of my parent's house when I was 18.
Since that time, they have lived in a few
different houses. I've never been able to
just show up at their front door when I've gone
to visit. There have always been accessibility
issues, resulting in them needing to assist me.
No more of that baloney! Today I was able
to knock on their front door, completely
with no assistance from them, thanks to the
iBOT! It was great!

Before today they didn't know that I had the
Bot... so today was a surprise. Since I've
been talking about it for years, they figured
I'd eventually get one, but they didn't know
that I had one. My mom said, "When did you
get that?!". My dad said, "Holy cow, you got
one!" My sister said, "You're tall!"

They live in the country. I was looking
forward to exploring a bit on their property,
but the weather was too yucky to do anything


Anonymous said...

The idea that the iBot can open up the homes of friends and family that are otherwise impossible or at best difficult is a HUGE bonus! I really miss that kind of freedom to hang out in others' homes or drop by without any fuss.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I agree!

Even when the family or friends say it's no problem for them to help, it's so nice to be able to do it without any help. I don't think a lot of ABs understand that though.

Unfortunately, there are restrictions. I think the biggest one being that there has to be a railing or something else to grab onto if the user is doing the climbing on their own. I'll post more about this later.