Friday, September 28, 2007


Is it just me, or is the old 3000 iBOT
better looking than the newer 4000?
3000: (This is not me!)



stephanie said...

ok, ok,

I agree, the 3000 is a much sleeker model, the 4000 looks more, medical I fuess? Or sort of like a nerdy desk chair?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Yes, thank you Stephanie! Glad I'm not alone. When they made the 4000 model, they took back all the 3000 models and replaced them with the 4000 models at no cost to the iBOT user. I wonder where all the 3000 models are now. I suppose there are only a couple hundred of them, and I bet they're just sitting in a warehouse somewhere.

Anonymous said...
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P said...

I love it like a "nerdy desk chair" I think with the 4000 they went for comfort rather than style, a bit like a comfy pair of old slippers.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I talked to tech support and she told me that changes that were made were due to customer requests, and safety concerns.