Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Yet another awesome day of bottin'!

At the time of my car accident that left me paralyzed,
I was an 8 year old kid and we were living in rural
Wisconsin. Behind our house was woods. Next to our
house was a lake. It was beautiful and I loved exploring
the woods and the lake. And then the accident happened
and suddenly I couldn't do those things anymore. This
morning I took the dogs to the dog park again and I got
to go through the woods and then stroll down the river
through the sand. I don't have the words to describe
how happy I am to be able to do this.

Over the past few days, I've sometimes been feeling
like I'm on cloud nine. But there is also a sadness
there. There's a sadness for the 29 years that I
couldn't do these things. I feel very detached from
that little girl who had to grow up in a wheelchair.
I look at her and I'm filled with grief.

The other sadness I am feeling is for other wheelchair
users who would love to have an iBOT, but can't afford
to buy one. I need to do something to help other
wheelers get their own iBOTs. I haven't figured out
how I'm going to do this yet, but I'm working on it.

Back to happy stuff. Here are some tracks I left
in the sand this morning.

This is where I made a tight turn.

Here is the woods I go through to get to the river.

I have some video, but I don't have time to post it right
now. I might do that later.


stephanie said...

Sand!! Fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

The Wild Adventures of Bot Girl(tank girl) :D

Ok, lets see some snow travels..I hear there is great snow in Utah..what do you think?

The pctures are great..only thing missing is the smile on your face

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

It usually snows a couple times every winter in Portland. Now why would I want to drive all the way to Utah for some snow? ;p If I really wanted to test it out in snow, I'd drive up to Mt. Hood which is only a 1 hour drive from Portland. But... spending the first 21 years of my life in the midwest provided me with enough snow to last a lifetime. I refuse to seek it. Next time it comes to Portland though, I'll find out how the iBOT does in it.

Now I would like to see how it does on the sand in the Caribbean or Mexico or Hawaii this coming January or February. :D And the cobblestone roads in Europe. And the beautiful old inaccessible buildings in Europe. And hiking trails in New Zealand. What the heck... might as well also test it out on an African Safari. And Bolivia, Costa Rica, Argentina, Australia, Iceland, Sri Lanka, India... :D

stephanie said...

Then you can write a travel book .... ibotting around the workd or something .... maybe even get an advance from publishers?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

As awesome as that would be, my writing isn't good enough!

h. said...

I am so indescribably happy for you! I keep looking for you at school, but missing you! Darn it! How long is your charge holding on the iBOT?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I keep looking for you too. Where the heck have you been?

The charge is holding fairly well I guess. I ran it in 4-Wheel Drive Function quite a bit today. I was going through sand for a good hour with it. Then I took it up to school, to the Farmer's Market, and then back home. It's 6:40pm now and I started using it around 8am this morning. It's ready to be charged now. It's still got some life in it, but not much. I do wish it held a little longer charge.

Amy said...

The next time I come to Portland, we're going to the ocean--we'll look at tidepools.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...


Anonymous said...

-You will have to try Tyron Creek State Park. It is not to far away and has miles of trails.

-Big E.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I'll give it a try! Not too long ago I went there in my manual chair. I didn't get very far.

Anonymous said...

I'M a good enough writer!!!

~Your wonderful daughter, Gillan