Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 3 With(out) the iBOT

So, um, I had a little problem with the iBOT last night.
It's a long story, but I will say that it was 100% user

I didn't get to use the stair function to get to my
daughter's classroom last night. But again, it was
100% user error.

Yes, the chair did tip over. It was in stair function
and it was only doing what it was told it should be doing.
No, I was not in it at the time, no one was injured,
and the chair is going to be perfectly fine (I think)!

A series of events due to stupidity and stubborness
led to the mishap. When something like that happens,
the people at Independence Technology want to know exactly
what happened and so the chair gave me what they call a
wrench. Basically they need to get infomation from the
iBOTs "black box" and then they will clear the wrench.

I just got a call from the tech who is going to clear
the wrench. He said he'd be here tomorrow to fix
things up. I'm completely impressed. I called
them and told them about the incident only a couple
of hours ago. They're sending a rep down tomorrow,
on a Saturday, from Seattle, to fix it. I've heard
the customer support and service Independence
Technology provides is exceptional, and now I know
it's true. They will also install new software so
that if something like this happens again in the
future, they'll be able to clear the wrench remotely,
rather than send a tech out. And guess what? They
won't charge me anything since they needed to come
out to install the new software anyway. Yay!

I'd like to reiterate that Indpendence Techonology
is in no way paying me to keep this blog and say
nice things about them and the iBOT. Everything
I write here is entirely my opinion. So far, their
product as well as their service has far exceeded
my expectations.

Here's what the wrench looks like on the LCD:

And this is from the manual:

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