Friday, September 28, 2007

The Honeymoon is Over : (

I'm depressed. Rainy season started today
and I'm really unhappy about it. My one
week honeymoon with the Bot was not long

7 day weather forecast ---> rain. Lots of

At least this winter I don't have to get
my sleeves soaking wet anymore from pushing
myself around in a manual chair. And, for
the first time since I was 8 years old, I
can make use of an umbrella!

Still, I think this is going to be the longest,
most depressing winter of my life. I never
even had the chance to go the the ocean
beaches with it. : (


P said...


maybe something to look forward to :-)

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I grew up in the midwest where they get lots and lots of snow. I've had enough snow to last me a lifetime!

To be honest though, I do hope we have at least one snowy day so that I can put the chair in to 4-Wheel Drive and then pull her in a sled behind me. I've never been able to pull her in a sled, so that would be fun!