Saturday, September 29, 2007

Making the Balance to Standard Transition (part 2)

In this video I'm leaving the bookstore. I have
to stop and transition back to Standard Function
because whenever I go through any sort of theft
detector, I have to be in Standard Function. If
I'm not, I might tip over. From what I hear,
one person was in her iBOT at the mall and she
was in Balance Function. She went through a
theft detector and the iBOT tipped over forward.
Luckily it dumped her out instead of the chair
falling on top of her. I tipped forward once
and the chair fell on top of me, but that was
only in my manual chair. I ended up with a fat
lip, a cracked tooth, and a trip to the ER to get
a 1 1/2 inch tear in my forehead stitched up.
I really hope IT can fix this problem because
spacing out and going through a theft detector
while in Balance Function sounds like something
I might do. :D

Here is the warning in the iBOT manual:


rfbdorf said...

The different viewpoint while in balance mode is striking, like you say - replacing butts with faces.
As to the clunkier-looking newer model, yes, it does look more "rehabby."
My guesses are that they thought the mechanism below needed better protection (although I can't see the details); the headrest may be larger to prevent danger to the user if the chair decides to fall backwards, etc. In any case, they must have been very concerned that there was a safety hazard, because replacing all those chairs cost them a bundle.
- Richard

rfbdorf said...

The interference from theft detectors is something that a good design should be able to eliminate, with proper RF shielding - we manage that with our products, although it isn't easy.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I've been thinking about the theft detector issue, and although I don't know much about that sort of thing, it seems to me like they should be able to fix that problem. I think I'll call them tomorrow and ask about that. I think I'll also ask about the differences between the 3000 and the 4000.

P said...

I can't believe the theft detector warning - how rediculous that seems like it ought to be a straight forward thing to solve! not that I know much about electronics but come on!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Yeah, I agree. Like Richard said, they manage it with their products. I don't know why IT can't do it with the iBOT.