Sunday, January 28, 2007


If you are a wheelchair user, you know all too
well about Blockers. Wait a minute, come to think
of it, you probably don't know about them because
99% of wheelchair users sit in their house all day,
every day staring at the four walls wondering
what to do next. I guess it would be more realistic
to say that if you are one of the 1% of wheelchair
users who leave the house, you know all to well about
Blockers. And of course if you are not a
wheelchair users, you know nothing of Blockers.

So what exactly is a Blocker you ask. A Blocker
is a person who lays down on the sidewalk whenever
they see a wheelchair coming. They won't move until
the wheelchair user says, "Please allow me to pass
dear Blocker", while handing them a $5 bill. (I make
sure I carry at least 10 $5 bills with me wherever
I go because if don't have a 5, I'm SOL.)

I realized this morning that after I get my iBOT,
Blockers will be in for a huge surprise. When I
see one laying in my path, I'll put the iBOT into
4 Wheel Function, turn up the speed, and plow
right over the top of them. The look on their faces
will be priceless. And boy am I going to have a lot
more money to spend on other things. Things that I
will actually enjoy, like chocolate pudding.

That's right, it won't be much longer until I start
calling Blockers "Speedbumps"! Kudos to you Dean
Kamen, inventor of the iBOT.

ADDED LATER: I was only kidding when I wrote this.
Someone thought I was serious. People do not block
me and demand $5. I won't run anyone over. 99% of
wheelchair users do not sit in their houses staring
at the four walls wondering what to do next. Oh, and
in a post from a few days ago, there aren't really
alligators, and tigers, and elephants, etc in Oregon.


Anonymous said...

Hee hee ha ha.


Anonymous said...

really? people really block you? that's horrible!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

No, they don't. Sorry, I didn't think anyone would believe me. I have a strange sense of humor.

I'll go back and edit it to add that I was only joking.

0320320 said...

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Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Hey look, it's my first spammer!

h. said...

Alrighty, here is a question for you.. it is not exactly on the line of Blockers, but sort of on a parallel track.

When someone (who is not in a wheelchair) is talking to you, is it considerate or condescending for them to squat next to you to be at eye level? I can see it either way, and can also imagine the issue to be a personal preference sort of thing. What is your opinion?

Your blog has really set me to thinking, which I guess is the point.


Wheelchair Revolution! said...

That's a great question h. Instead of answering it here, I will address it in today's entry.