Sunday, January 7, 2007

That's Incredible!                                                                                                

Two days ago, I posted:

"Kamen has also invented a compressed air
powered device which would launch a human
into the air in order to quickly launch SWAT
teams or other emergency workers to the roofs
of tall, inaccessible buildings."

Er, at least that's according to Wikipedia.  I
searched and searched for more information
about this today and I found nothing.  

This "compressed air powered device" sounds 
unreal, and unsafe.  I probably would have 
thought the same thing about the iBOT if 1o 
years ago I had read that there was a new 
wheelchair that balances on two wheels and  
climbs stairs.  The very first time I heard
about the iBOT, it was on TV, and so I also
saw it.   Even seeing it was hard to believe.

Remember that show "That's Incredible!"?
Once when I was a kid and I was watching
the show there was a story about a person
who was paralyzed.  One day this person was
struck by lightning and then suddenly they
could walk.  For a long time after that show,
I wanted to go sit out in the yard during
storms, but I never did it because I was
afraid my parents would commit me.

I'm probably not making much sense, but I'm
tired and cranky, so there.

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