Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Standard Function                                                                               

I have an appointment for my assessment!  It's 
next Wednesday.  Basically, I'll get in the iBOT and
they will determine if they think it will be a good
chair for me.  If I try to take a flight of stairs in
Standard Function at 8mph, they'll most likely
have a heart attack, and then not recommend the 
iBOT for me.  

The day after the assessment, they will Fed Ex me
some purchase agreement forms, I'll put $1,000
down on it, and they'll start making it for me!  I'm
going to order a hot pink leopard print seat.  Actually,
I'm pretty sure they don't offer color choices, although
I think they should.  If it were an option, I'd just order
plain old black.  Black helps me blend in with the crowd.  

It'll be 4 to 6 weeks in the making, and so I might get
it as soon as mid to late February.

I've been studying this CD-ROM that I wrote
about yesterday, but unlike yesterday, what I
write today is true.

The iBOT has 5 functions to choose from:
~ Standard
~ 4-Wheel
~ Balance
~ Stair
~ Remote

Today's entry is about Standard Function.

Standard Function is used on reasonably level
surfaces (wood, cement, secured carpet, etc),
slopes no greater than 5 degrees, and going over
obstacles measuring no more than 1 inch in height.

The seat is at the lowest level to access a table
or desk.

In Standard Function the iBOT has the functionality
of a conventional powerchair.


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