Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Is That Your Final Decision?

Yes. After my evalution yesterday, going ahead
and purchasing the iBOT is my final decision.

Most impressive yesterday:

I went up and then down a very steep hill but I
stayed level in my seat. I wouldn't even attempt
to go up it in my manual as I would have flipped
over backwards. Going down in the manual would also
be out of the question as I would lose control. It
was strange. Strange, but very good. My daughter is
reading over my shoulder, and she said she was very
nervous when she first saw the hill and heard that I
was going to go up it. The iBOT went up it with
no problem at all. With the seat staying level, it
was such a strange feeling. Normally a hill like that
would get my heart pumping, even if someone were there
to help me.

Also, I went from the sidewalk, over a grassy parking strip
with large protruding tree roots, and then down a curb.
All of that in like, I don't know, maybe 10 seconds. And
it wasn't as jarring as I remember it being at the test
drive. It was so weird. I'm sorry, I don't have better
words to describe it other than "so weird".

But probably the thing I liked the best was being in
Balance Function. I went to the Starbucks counter to
get my daughter a drink, and I was eye level to the
people behind the counter. That was, uh, bizarre.

Strange, weird, bizarre. My experiences with the iBOT
yesterday were all of those things. I have mixed emotions
because it was wonderful to do those things, but it was
also a bit shocking because I realized that I've lived
for the past 28 years without those luxuries that normally
aren't even thought of as luxuries.


Stephanie said...

Its nice that your daughter looks out for you. On "silver lining" to this paralysis bit that I find, is my children seem to show more concern for the needs of others than they did before. (Not trying to imply that they were selfish meanies before ,,, just that they seem to notice more now.)

Anonymous said...

What about getting a flat tire? My test drive is Thursday and I was told that a solid tire was not an option. What happens if I am out and get a flat?
Please help.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Hi Stephanie, glad you are still reading!

Anonymous, I don't know. I was wondering the same thing actually. If you think of it, ask on Thursday at your test drive and tell me what they say!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Just found the answer to the flat tire question.

When Dean Kamen(the iBot designer) got a flat he just switched the four wheel "cluster" around. The chair will ride in normal mode on two wheels and the casters. That leaves two other wheels in the air. Flip the cluster over and the other two wheels get used. Use the stair climb mode to do that. The tech rep can guide you through how to do it. Otherwise just pull off the flat tire and replace it with one of the good ones that's in the air. But stay out of four wheel drive mode!

(Thanks to Pete)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your info Pete