Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow trouble                                                                              

The snow remains.  

I had ordered groceries online yesterday to be delivered
today, but they called an hour before they were going to
deliver and said they weren't going to do it.  I called the
pizza place to have a pizza delivered and they weren't 
making deliveries.   

The cats needed food, and I needed food, so I had to
go to the grocery store.  The roads were pretty much
fine.  Getting to my car and then back into the house
was a problem.  The ramp was covered with snow and
I couldn't get through it on my own.  My daughter had
to push me down, and then back up the ramp when we
got home. 

If there is school tomorrow, I cannot take her.  She could
help me down the ramp, but then after I dropped her off,
she wouldn't be there to help me back up.  

She'll go though.  I'll just ask one of her friend's mom to
stop by and pick her up.

This wouldn't be an issue if I had an iBOT.

I saw some fun snow creations on my drive to the grocery

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