Monday, January 29, 2007

A question from a reader

I was asked the following question:

When someone (who is not in a wheelchair) is
talking to you, is it considerate or condescending
for them to squat next to you to be at eye level?
I can see it either way, and can also imagine the
issue to be a personal preference sort of thing.
What is your opinion?

Personally, I like it when people squat when they
are talking to me. However, I know a lot of wheelchair
users think that it is condescending. Like you said,
it's very much of a personal preference. I think if
you are in the situation and you are unsure, just ask
which they prefer.

I don't mind when people do not squat though.

Thanks for the question. I've realized that I'm starting
to have a hard time thinking of things to write. Originally
I planned to post here everyday, but now that getting the
iBOT is most likely going to be delayed until April, I think
it will be difficult to come up with something everyday for
the next 60+ days. I suppose I will at least post a picture


stephanie said...

I to like it when people make an effort to sit or squat. I didn't realize how much "normal" it was to chat with someone until I ran into someone I knew in a store, who was also in a chair. A conversation is so much better w/o craning your neck!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Sitting is ideal because squatting can't be all that comfortable.