Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hopefully I will have my iBOT by April

I jinxed myself when I posted the other day about getting
my iBOT the week of March 12th. I was hoping to get it that week because I have to take delivery of it in
Seattle and a friend is going to be in Seattle that
week which means we could have hooked up.

Anyway... I talked to the reimbursement guy at Independence
Technology yesterday. My original plan was to buy the iBOT
and then ask my insurance company if they would pay for some
of it. I don't expect them to pay for all of it, because
most insurance companies follow what Medicare does and
Medicare says the iBOT is a "luxury" item, and therefore it
is not covered. However, I need to switch to a powerchair
because of my shoulders. So I'm hoping that they will pay
for a basic powerchair and then I can take that money and
apply it to the iBOT. The knowledgeable Daniel at Independence
Technology found out that with my insurance company, I have
to submit a letter of medical necessity, as well as a note
from the physical therapist, and a perscription, and then
wait to hear back from them BEFORE I place the order. Daniel
says this may put me back a month or so.

Personally, I think the nice people at Independence Technology
should go ahead and start building my iBOT now. -wink wink-
I've heard nothing but good things about Independence Technology,
and I'm sure they want to see this poor old crippled woman in
their wonderful chair as soon as possible. Plus, it really would
be in their best interest to get it to me sooner than later because
the sooner I get it, the sooner I start raving about it. :D

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