Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lotsa snow

We woke up this morning to snow.  We have 3 or
4 inches I'd guess.  That's not much for places that
normally get snow, but it's a lot for Portland.  When
I lived in MN and WI, 3 inches was nothing.  Life
went on as usual.  3 inches in Portland and the city
shuts down.   In MN the roads get plowed and salted,
and the sidewalks get shoveled.  In Portland, I think 
most homeowners do not even own a snow shovel.  
I just looked up and down my street and not a single
person has shoveled their sidewalk.  

Needless to say, getting through snow in a manual chair
isn't easy.  And since people do not shovel the snow here,
it's harder to get around here when we get 3 inches than it
was there when we got 12 inches.

My daughter and I were at the store the other day and
we saw a cheap sled for $3.00.  I bought it for her because
the last time it snowed the cardboard she tried didn't work
well.  Plus I figured if I bought a sled, it wouldn't ever snow
in Portland again!  

My daughter went out first thing this morning sliding down
the driveway.  I actually had a desire to go out with her.  If
I had my iBOT, I definitely would have been out there.  
Probably not for long, but I'm sure we would have had
some fun.  Instead, I watched her from the porch.  

Then one of her friends called and they went to the park
together.  I took a nap.  :D  

P.S.  I can't go up to Seattle tomorrow as I had planned 
because of the snow.  Ordering the iBOT has been delayed
yet again because of the weather.  :(

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