Monday, January 8, 2007


I was lying in bed last night thinking about how 
much I cannot wait for spring.  I always love spring -
feeling the warm sun on my arms and face, seeing the
blooming flowers, hearing the birds sing and the
children laugh.  

This spring will be extra fantastic because I'll have
my iBOT.  I'll be able to go throughout the neighbor-
hood without worrying about my shoulders or
lack of curb cuts.  

True, a lack of curb cuts aren't that big of deal
considering there's always a driveway around,
but it's safer and more convenient to cross at
the corner.

Also, a regular powerchair would work as well
as an iBOT if it's just my shoulders I'm worried
about.  However, I've never had any desire to
spend even a couple thousand dollars on a regular
powerchair.  It would have been really nice at
certain times to have a powerchair, but not
worth the money it would cost to purchase one.  
And since I'm a para, insurance wouldn't cover
a powerchair.

I wish I could hybernate for the next 2+ months.


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