Friday, January 5, 2007

Dean Kamen's Other Inventions                                                           
Kamen is probably most well-known to the
public from the publicity surrounding the
product that eventually became known as
the Segway HT, an electric scooter with a
complex, computer-controlled gyroscopic
stabilization and control system that keeps
the device balanced on two horizontally-
placed wheels and controlled by moving
body weight. The machine's secret
development was the object of much
speculation after segments of a book
quoting Steve Jobs and other notable
IT visionaries espousing its society-
revolutionising potential were leaked
in January 2001.

Kamen has worked extensively on a
project involving Stirling engine designs,
attempting to create a machine that would
generate power while serving as a water
purification system. He hopes the project
will help improve living standards in
developing countries.

Kamen has also invented a compressed air
powered device which would launch a human
into the air in order to quickly launch SWAT
teams or other emergency workers to the roofs
of tall, inaccessible buildings.

However, Kamen was already a successful and
wealthy inventor, after inventing the AutoSyringe,
a new type of mobile dialysis system for medical
applications, the first insulin pump, and an all-
terrain electric wheelchair known as the iBOT
using many of the same gyroscopic balancing
technologies that later made their way into the
Okay, I cheated.  I copied the above from Wikipedia.
Sorry, I've had a long and busy day and I'm tired. 

The picture is mine though.  It's a photo of a moss
rose.  These flowers have always been special to me
because my Grandma always had these flowers
popping up from the cracks in her driveway.  Fond
memories of my Gram and her garden and summer...

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