Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bursting With Excitement!

I take my pooches down to the sewer water
river nearly every day. When it's warm, Gus
likes to swim and Trudy likes to rummage around
on the beach looking for dead and extremely
stinky things to roll in. Sometimes when my
daughter is with me, she likes to go down on
the beach and look for neat rocks.

Usually we stay up on the grassy part of the
park because getting to the sewer water requires
going down about 10 steps. On the occassions when
I have a daughter or a dog who wants to go down
there, I watch from a distance. Pretty soon,
I won't have to do that anymore. I checked
today to see if the railing extended beyond the
top step. It does and that makes me so happy
because I'll get to do the steps in my iBOT all
by myself! After I get down the steps, I'll be
able to go through the sand with no problem. The
big rocks that you see in the photo above might be
a bit of a challenge. :D Seriously though, the rocks
will not be a problem because I can go around them.

And maybe someday soon they'll stop dumping sewage
into the river!

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