Monday, January 1, 2007

Stairs Again                                                                        

I was thinking about how in my 28 years of
being carried up and down stairs, I've never
been dropped.  I used to allow people to get
me up stairs all the time.  Even strangers.  
Even drunk strangers.  Now that I'm a mom,
I don't do stuff like that anymore.  I let some
people get me up stairs, but only if I know them,
and they are sober, and I think they are capable.

Last New Year's Eve I went to a friend's party.
She has a million steps to her front door.  Or
maybe about 20.  Either one, it was a lot of
stairs.  I really didn't want to be a bother, plus
it was dark and rainy and I didn't know if the
guys carrying me were sober or not.  I would
have declined the invitation but my daughter
really wanted to go.  

Kind of the same thing happened this year, except
there was no alcohol involved, and the flight of
stairs was inside the house, where it was well lit
and dry.  Like last year, the carry was fine.  They
didn't drop me and as far as I know, they didn't
hurt themselves.  I ended up having a fun time,
so I'm glad I went.  :)

Next New Year's Eve, ain't no one gonna have
to get me up the stairs cuz with a little help from
a machine attached to my butt, I'll be doing it all
by myself.  :D

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